Pepe Framework

Tired of servers that malfunction or are exploitable?

We introduce our framework based on QBCore: Pepe Framework. Demo: connect


NOTE: Fake resellers active, selling leaked old Pepe versions for more or far less then the original price.

Please order from here, we are the official sellers, and have no resellers!

Convert ESX, QBCore or standalones easily to Pepe!

We provide you with all updates trough our private Github. Support and extra channels with Community Scripts or our own new scripts are in our Discord which you will recieve a Pepe Role for after purchase.


-> New coke, weed and meth.​
-> New housing shells.​
-> New bank system
-> Continuesly cycling PDM vehicles.
-> Alot of new Citizen jobs.​
-> Third Eye
-> New PD system​
-> Police evidence cases​
-> New Admin menu​
-> New Garage system​
-> New Phone with better apps.​
-> Low on cpu usage and Resmon

Wait hold on, more?

-> Low on cpu usage and Resmon
-> New Meos system​
-> Skill system​
-> New Spawn NUI​
-> New Character Selection Menu​
-> Synced Player Jobs
-> Human Lab Robbery – A New Robbery Heist for your players!​
-> New Jewellery Robbery
-> New vehicle selling in your phone!
-> Services page updated.
-> Police Impound Menu
-> New Garage UI
-> Revamped Mechanic job
-> Racing App in Phone.

Even more? YES!

-> Taxi Job back and better then ever!
-> Pizza delivery job
-> Burgershot synced workplace
-> Boss Menu’s
-> NEW: Pacific Bank Heist!
-> NEW: Maze Bank Heist!
-> NEW: Completely new Prison
-> NEW: Secret Synced Server Jobs
-> NEW: ATM Robbery!
-> NEW: Inventory Updated
-> NEW: More Boss Menu's
-> NEW: Minigames
-> NEW: Job Missions
-> NEW: Fightring (1 vs 1)
Alot of bugfixes/improvements

Support is given and also new updates/features are free of charge after purchase!


If your convinced that this is the best investment for your server please go ahead and place your order. We handle it with care and speed! Also join our discord for any questions and most importantly your Pepe Owner role.

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